Jenna Senofonte

Jenna has many years of teaching under her belt.  She works at United Technologies as an Engineer holding a Masters degree in Engineering Management and an MBA.  She is married to her loving husband, Matt and the mother of her three sons Avery, Ivan and Owen.  She brings a unique beautiful set of skills with her choreography always keeping them on their toes or connecting with the floor somehow and makes it look so graceful.  It is wonderful to have her talents at Unity.

Carrie McDonough

Carrie has been dancing for 35 years and shares many years of teaching along with helping on the business end. She continues to teach on Monday nights with an array of students sharing her talents and manages to find the time to still dance herself.  She is a special education teacher at Bellamy Middle School and married to her wonderful husband, John and mom to Ryan, Meghan and Owen.  Carrie is one of the most loyal, dedicated and sincere persons you strive to have as a friend and employee. Her kindness and gentle manners surely show with the students. She has filled an important role at Unity and for that we are so grateful to have her as part of the Unity family!

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Jessica Leonczyk

Jessica has been dancing for over 25 years and teaching for 4 years. Jessica works at The Hartford Insurance Company as a Senior Marketing Specialist and owns her own spray tanning business “The Healthy Glow”. Jessica is a former UMASS and New England Patriots cheerleader. She lives in Ludlow with her husband Peter and is expecting her first child in April. Her constant management with Unity’s website and facebook page is a huge help despite her busy schedule. Her love of dance is truly infectious. Jess is one of the most dedicated people you want to meet and we are truly glad she is part of Unity staff!  

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Chelsea Perry

Chelsea is truly an artist by nature and shines with her choreography and helping whenever and wherever she can.  She works as a manager at Hot Heads Restaurant.  Her talents are very much appreciated and we am grateful to have you as a student and teacher at Unity!

Elizabeth Montemagni 


Liz is the owner, director and choreographer for Unity Dance Spectrum.  She have been dancing for 45 years and teaching for 30 of those years. All of which have shaped her life in some way or form.  One of her greatest treasures is being able to teach all of her children, nieces, nephews, sisters, friends and soon to be granddaughter throughout the years!  Liz truly value the Unity Dance Family and her love and passion for dance remains strong as it instills confidence and character.

Liz is am a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy with specialty in orthopedics and sport management and also works as a full-time professor at Springfield College for the Physical Therapy department continuing her teaching in the health care field.  When Liz isn't in the studio you can find her spending time with her family.

Meghan Pelletier 

Meghan has been dancing for 27 years and teaching since a young teen alongside her mother, Liz.  She is a doctor of physical therapy at Weldon Rehab and Children’s Rehab outpatient clinic holding a minor in dance.  Her precision with the instruction and deep concern for the overall wellbeing of her students and others shines. She is newly married to her husband Jeff and they just welcomed their baby girl, Ella.  The joy and laughter she brings to the studio is one of a kind. The dedication and constant willingness to help at the studio does not go unnoticed! She holds a special spot at Unity!

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